2015 Overland Expedition:

South Park Colorado! Yes it’s a REAL place and we are going there. south_park_sign

August 29th through September 30th, with August 29-30 and Sept 6-7 being driving days from Chicago and back home. This is NOT a rally, but a less formal overland experience geared for ALL LAND ROVERS. To that end, I will not lead routes that result in body damage (that doesn’t mean you wont drive so badly you do it anyway), and any stock land rover product should have no problems. You may experience scratches and scuffs due to the nature of dirt and gravel roadways, and you WILL experience high altitudes and situations where driving can be hazardous or intimidating. If you can’t make it, it wont be your Rover’s fault.  This is not meant to replace or be an alternate for the National Rally, but rather a less structured and less chaotic event. The Rally attempts to be some specific structured things to a wide variety of people on a schedule designed to facilitate fixed groups and events. I will have a list of routes and which routes happen on which days will be determined by weather and the ambition of those who meet and discuss. If you and others wish to break off and try more challenging routes that require modified vehicles I can point you in the direction. If we all end up being modified and capable, we can make that a days route. The goal is a casual, inclusive chance for people to get out, and UP. No rosters, no group leaders, no specific schedules. Members of the Solihull Society (the planners of the National Rally) have indicated they will join us on one or more days, and I have reached out to the local 4×4 club (the one that doesn’t dis rovers) and they have shown interest in participating. If you have friends with Jeeps or Toyotas or whatever, bring with. The goal is fun and experience.

Base camp will be north of Fairplay Colorado making trails in a 100 mile radius a high altitude playground for 5 days. I have a vacation property rented with three bedrooms, and a limited number of camping spots will be available on that property to allow for bathroom and shower use. As of now I am asking 350$ for each bedroom for 7 nights (50$ a night) and 10$ a night for a camp spot (70$ for 7 nights). Initially all requests will be for the full 7 days. As the time approaches if I still have slots open I will consider individual day slots for each. There is a voluminous amount of vacation property for rent in this area, and Breckenridge Ski homes or condos are virtually un-countable. I would recommend rentals on the southern end of town unless you want an extra 30 minutes or more of drive time to meet up with us on days when we head south or West from Fairplay.

There will be a forum topic started soon with images and maps of potential routes as well as discussions and suggestions.  My goal is to have a SPOT locator beacon relaying my location to a map in real time for the trip, and where service is available I plan to upload pics from the trails in real time. I have some ideas for contacting local businesses for some participation at night as well (hint: There are several breweries in the immediate area). This is an evolving event that I want to make a good time for everyone.

Below I will be creating pages with potential route/routes including links to more information on trails, sights and history. I will be including links to external resources rather than just copying and pasting from other pages. These are tentative planned day trips, and a LOT will depend on weather and trail conditions. Some loos that can occupy a whole day can be rendered impossible by a single closure so actual times and routes will be determined the day previous in most cases. Thunderstorms are common in the afternoon and this can mean flash floods in gulches and lighting strikes like Zeus is drunk at a house party if we are up on a ridge.

Potential Day Trip #1  TinCup/Cumberland/Hancock Pass and surrounding areas